Huska, Curt: Associate Dean of Career Education and Staff Development, Dean of Vocational Education and Instructional Support, and Assistant to Vice President of Instruction

Curt Huska was hired in April 1976 and served in several administrative positions including Associate Dean, Career Education and Staff Development; Dean, Vocational Education and Instructional Support; and Assistant to Vice President, Instruction.  He retired in June 1992, after 16 years of dedicated service.  Upon his retirement, he was granted Emeritus status.

Curt played a significant leadership role in occupational education of Ohlone College and represented the college at regional and statewide occupational committees.  He worked to maintain and improve relationships with area high schools and Regional Occupational Programs, and facilitated the development of 2 + 2 programs.

Curt provided leadership in the development and implementation of community services and contract education courses and programs, and made College for Kids a reality at Ohlone College.  He came to provide important general instructional leadership at the college.  He also played a key role in computerizing and the college’s schedule of classes.

Curt’s advocacy for vocational and technical education was crucial in assuring this important aspect of the community college mission was fully developed at Ohlone.  He was also an important mentor and supporter of faculty and staff in the areas of occupational program.