Marjorie Green (2000-2003)

I received a Business AA from Ohlone College and transferred to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. I graduated with honors with a Business Administration degree and Minor in Economics.

I credit Ohlone, its professors, student programs and tutorial programs as having set me on the right path after high school. I’ve always felt the education I received at Ohlone was exceptional. I am thankful for, and to, the Junior College system for the great gift of a good education.

I’m very realistic that the system enables students to get what they give. I worked very hard and my grades reflected the effort. This opened doors that would have otherwise remained closed. As a result of my grades and experiences I was able to work abroad with a technology company and then join a top consulting company.

I’d like to thank my professors, counselors, tutors and most of all my student programs advisor Mara Violanti for all their help as I started out in my adult life.

At Ohlone I had the opportunity to run for a student body office (ASOC). This experience taught me a great deal and helped me step outside of my introvert shell.

I was also able to participate as a student ambassador which afforded me the opportunity to plan my first big event for incoming students. I was able to build on that learning experience but think these are the memories I cherish and am thankful for because one must start somewhere.

I also greatly enjoyed the art classes I took at Ohlone. Without the balance of art in my schedule (and wonderful teachers) I don’t think I could have maintained such high grades in my business classes. Although I received a business degree I feel strongly that the arts are an essential study and outlet. I hope that future students also have access to the wonderful facilities for clay, sculpture and glass at Ohlone.

I have so many great memories of Ohlone and the friends I made there. It is tough to choose but one.