Bischer, Dolores: Reading Lab Instructional Assistant

Dolores Bischer’s history with Ohlone College started during the Serra Campus era.  At that time, she was both a student and a student employee.  As a student, Dolores completed her A. A. degree and went on to California State University, Hayward (East Bay), where she earned a B.A. degree in English.

In April 1972, Dolores was hired as the Ohlone College Reading Lab Assistant.  At that time, John Maloney of the English Department faculty was developing the College Reading Lab, which was designed to improve the reading and study skills of newly enrolled, under-prepared students.  Dolores was proved to have phenomenal organizational skills which were indispensable in the development of the learning lab.  By nature, she was an excellent teacher.  She was patient, and she gave the lab’s students the confidence they needed.  Dolores’s talents were the main reason that the Reading Lab was consistently successful for over twenty-five years.

The Ohlone College Reading Lab was eventually combined with the Writing Lab, forming the English Learning Center.  Dolores also made that move.  The English Learning Center benefited from her skills, both in organization and in instruction.

Dolores retired from Ohlone in September 2002.  She represents Ohlone College in the best way because for over thirty years she was a student, a student employee, and then an invaluable instructional assistant.

Dolores now lives in Clayton, California, with her husband, Carmen.  She enjoys being a part of the lives of their two children and their four grandsons.