Blanchard, Jan: Director of General Services / Purchasing (In Memoriam)

Jan Blanchard was hired in August 1968 and retired in 1995, after 27 years of dedicated and accomplished service.  Jan was one of the Pioneer Administrators at the temporary Serra Campus on Washington Boulevard in Fremont.  She was directly involved in site acquisition process and planning of the permanent campus on Mission Boulevard, which opened in 1974.  Upon retirement, she was granted Emeritus status.

Jan was highly respected for her dedication and commitment to the students and programs at Ohlone College.  Her professional work was always characterized by enthusiasm, conscientiousness and resourcefulness.

Jan tirelessly promoted the programs and activities of the district.  She was actively involved in strengthening ties between the district and the community through her active participation in many service clubs and community fundraising events.  Jan continually networked with her professional peers in community colleges throughout the state and developed a strong working relationship with the state chancellor’s office to advance the interests of the district.

In addition to her important leadership on planning the Mission Boulevard campus site, Jan’s work was integral to the development and growth of Ohlone College.  She developed the district’s procurement system; established the asbestos abatement program; coordinated the hazardous materials compliance program; implemented the new telephone system with voice mail; assisted in the development of the facilities master plan for Ohlone College; and was actively engaged in fundraising and construction activities of the Smith Center.

Jan demonstrated loyalty to the district and gained the trust, confidence and respect of the board of trustees and staff.