Hurst, Roy: Professor of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics (In Memoriam)

Roy Hurst was part of the first group of faculty members hired in the spring of 1967 before classes began the following September.  As one of the Faculty Founders, Roy was involved in establishing the college at the Serra Campus off Washington Boulevard in Fremont.  He was also part of the planning and moving to the permanent Fremont Campus on Mission Boulevard in 1974.  Roy retired in 1968 after 19 years of dedicated service.

Roy was the originator of the physics program and helped build the foundation for the engineering program.  He was known as an excellent and well-prepared teacher who was devoted to his students and their success, spending many extra hours on campus to support them.  His industry experience prior to Ohlone helped him bring real world examples to the physics and engineering classes.

Roy was very interested in the technical aspects of radio broadcasting and worked with fellow faculty and staff, and enthusiastic students, to create an FM radio station at the college.  This station became KOHL, which has grown tremendously since it went on the air in 1974.  It is now one of the flagship instructional programs at Ohlone that provides a professional studio and programming that helps the college prepare students to work in the broadcasting industry.