Weiner, Larry: Math and Computer Studies Faculty Member (In Memoriam)

Larry Weiner was hired in September, 1968.  He passed away in July 2002 while still employed, after a courageous battle against cancer.  Larry’s distinguished 34-year career was a true gift to the college, and its students, faculty and staff.

Larry was one of the Pioneer Faculty at the Serra Campus on Washington Boulevard in Fremont.  He was originally hired into the Mathematics Department but soon became involved in the development of the computer studies program.  He was involved in the planning and preparations for the move to the Mission Boulevard Campus in 1974 and establishing the computer studies facilities there.

Larry was a strong and passionate believer in the community college mission.  He loved Ohlone College.  He demonstrated ongoing commitment to the success of his students.  He was universally respected and beloved at Ohlone College by faculty, staff and students.

Larry was an inspirational teacher.  He was dedicated, caring and patient.  He devoted his interests, love, energy, and effort to grab and keep students’ attention and convey complex information and coding skills in his classroom and beyond.  There were long lines of students outside his office waiting for his help or just to talk.

Larry was active outside his department, particularly in the area of curriculum development.  He served as Chair of the Course and Program Approval Committee and was of assistance to many faculty members and administrators in navigating the curriculum processes.

Larry was renowned for his energetic, enthusiastic and unselfish personality.  The late Shelly Nagel, History Professor and Division Dean, in his Ohlone Memoir “Toiling in the Vineyard” said of Larry, “He was one of the sweetest human beings around.  I never heard anyone say anything negative about him nor did I ever hear him say anything negative about anyone… He should not be forgotten.”

In his will, Larry directed funds from his estate to establish an endowment fund to support, in perpetuity, the work of the faculty in the computer studies and computer science departments.  The endowment “provides program support, equipment, faculty stipends, student scholarships and awards and other expenditures which may benefit Computer Studies faculty members in the performance of their work and the furtherance of their professional development, the Computer Studies department, curriculum, and students and ultimately Ohlone College.”  The endowment has also supported the naming of rooms in Hyman Hall in memory of Larry, Bart Stillman and Pilar Lewis and the Larry Weiner Academic Hall at the Newark Campus.