Dr. Peter Blomerley, Third President / Superintendent, 1979 – 1994

President Dr. Peter Blomerley.

The Third President / Superintendent, Dr. Peter Blomerley.

Dr. Blomerley served as President / Superintendent for 15 years beginning in 1979 until his retirement in 1994, making him the longest serving President / Superintendent to date.  His academic field was mathematics and immediately before coming to Ohlone, he had served as President of Broome Community College, part of the State University of New York.  Dr. Blomerley is remembered at Ohlone for his steady, dignified and resolute leadership style.  During his tenure at Ohlone, Dr. Blomerley led the district and college through many important issues during his tenure.

In 1978, a year before Dr. Blomerley began his work at Ohlone a property tax reduction had been enacted.  Proposition 13, as it was known, saved property owners millions in property tax cuts – but it caused a crisis in the funding of state institutions, particularly public schools and colleges.  Dr. Blomerley navigated Ohlone through these turbulent budget years and the college emerged fiscally strong under his leadership.

While Dr. Blomerley was President the state enacted AB 1725, which, among other things, called for more faculty and staff participation in local decision making.  Dr. Blomerley oversaw the implementation of AB 1725 at Ohlone that included more curriculum responsibilities for the Faculty Senate.

Dr. Blomerley led the effort to securing state funding for a new fine and performing arts building (Smith Center).  He then oversaw the overseeing the planning and construction of the facility.

Also under Dr. Blomerley’s leadership the Newark Ohlone Center was established at the MacGregor School site.  And the Ohlone Foundation grew to the point of hiring a full time Director.

Dr. Blomerley passed away September 17, 2016 at his home in Venice, Florida.