Dr. William Richter, Second President / Superintendent, 1975 – 1979

President Dr. William Richter.

The Second President / Superintendent, Dr. William Richter.

Dr. William B. Richter received his Bachelor of Arts degree from State College at Minot, S.D., his master’s degree in history from the University of Montana, and doctorate in Administration from the University of North Dakota.

In April, 1968 Dr. Richter was hired as become Dean of the Evening Program and Community Service Program.  He had been with the San Leandro District since 1964 serving as Principal of San Leandro High School, and before that he had served as research director for the school district in Portland, Oregon.  He was associated with physical education, coaching and athletics throughout a long and distinguished career in education starting in 1940 and coached many football teams to state championships.

At Ohlone Dr. Richter went on to become Dean of Instruction, and then be hired as Ohlone’s second President / Superintendent after Dr. Stephen Epler’s retirement in 1975.  He oversaw the full establishment of programs and courses at the new campus on Mission Boulevard, which had opened in 1974, before retiring in 1979 after 11 years of service at Ohlone.

Dr. Richter provided exceptional educational leadership in the development of an excellent curriculum and was successful in obtaining the necessary support for all educational programs.  He was instrumental in establishing an excellent community service program that provided the community with many cultural opportunities and he served the communities of Fremont and Newark in many cultural and civic organizations.

Dr. Richter had a distinguished 40-year career in education starting in 1940.  Ohlone was fortunate that his career culminated with over a decade of exemplary leadership at the college.