Reed, Dr. Charles: Psychology and Sociology Faculty Member

Charles Reed was employed by Ohlone College in September 1970.  He elected to retire in May 1998, after 28 years of dedicated service.  Upon retirement he received the title of Professor Emeritus.

Dr. Reed was the Director of both Financial Aid and Veterans Services at Ohlone College, and he was instrumental in obtaining a grant to recruit and encourage veterans to enroll at Ohlone.  The major components of the grant consisted of Math and English classes to assist those in need of a refresher course and a counseling component to support those experiencing post-deployment issues and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  He was also a member of the Counseling faculty and worked compassionately with all types of students.  He was a trusted counselor in both transfer and personal matters.

Over the years, Charles transitioned from counseling into teaching in both Psychology and Sociology.  He taught a variety of courses including General Psychology, Marriage and Family, Human Development, Social Psychology and Child Development.  He also served the College by his participation on numerous committees such as the Scholarship Committee, Sabbatical Leave Committee, and Budget Committee.  He also served as the Faculty Advisor to the Vietnam Veterans Against the War Organization.  He was a tireless advocate for students.  Both his students and colleagues valued his wit and sense of humor.

In addition, to his many activities at Ohlone, Dr. Reed was a founding member of Pacific Graduate School of Psychology (PGSP) and the first Chairman of the Board of Directors.  PGSP is now Palo Alto University.

Dr. Reed continues to reside in San Jose with his wife, Marcia, where he produces olive oil from his olive orchard and also maintains a private psychology practice in Fremont.