Maloney, John: English Faculty Member

John Maloney was hired at Ohlone College in September of 1971.  He began teaching on the Serra campus and was instrumental in organizing the move onto the Fremont campus.  He retired in June of 2000 and was granted emeritus status.

John was a dedicated teacher who served thousands of students in literature, composition and reading courses.  He demonstrated exceptional leadership through his roles as developer and founding supervisor of the Reading Lab, supervisor of the Writing Lab, and the developer of department curriculum.  In the development of the Reading Lab, he wrote several one-unit courses that could be individualized for student success.  These courses included: Vocabulary Improvement, Reading Comprehension, Rapid Reading and Spelling Improvement.  The Ohlone College Reading Lab was a model statewide.

The California Teacher’s Association professionally recognized John for his curriculum innovation and his contribution to the scholarship of his field through publications and service on statewide curriculum committees.

His service to Ohlone included leadership roles as Chair of the Course and Program Approval Committee and acting Dean of the English / ESL division.  John was an inspiring colleague and mentor and freely shared his knowledge of curriculum and technique with both full-time and adjunct faculty.

After his retirement in June of 2000, John lived in Ireland for two years where he did substitute teaching, traveled and learned to play the ancient Irish whistle, a flute-like instrument.

After his return to Fremont in 2002, John volunteered for twelve years at an inner-city middle school in San Jose.  He began by tutoring English and Reading.  However, he soon started an Irish Whistle performance program that eventually numbered 200 students.  Individuals from the group performed around the Bay area and appeared on TV.  John has also been writing and recently published an essay,  “From Irish Brogues to Mexican-American Accents”.  He resides in Fremont, where he is currently writing a book on some of the early pioneers of Centerville and their continuing influence on the area.