Tutoring Program

The English Department having a meeting at the Writing Lab back in 1979.

The English Department having a meeting at the Writing Lab back in 1979. (Counterclockwise) Consultant, Hector Cordova, Dennis Roby, Frances DiPippo, Maureen Lansing, Karen Rosenbaum, Anitra Dark, Laura Bernell, John Maloney, Gail Johnson, Kay Harrison, Budd Scruggs, Barbara Hendrickson, Holly Standiford, and Judy Powers.

The Reading and Writing Labs, the first tutoring centers at Ohlone College, were established in 1974.  Following the formation of the English Department’s Reading and Writing Labs, in 1977 the Math Department was the next to establish a tutoring center.  In the Fall 2001 Semester, the Reading and Writing Labs combined into the English Learning Center (ELC).  Since that time tutoring services have increased substantially to include approximately 70 student tutors working as either embedded tutors or in one of the eight tutoring labs on two campuses.

During the Fall 2000 semester a subcommittee of the Tutoring Steering Committee was formed to set up a tutor training program.  One of the first decisions of the committee was to design the program along CRLA (California Rural Legal Assistance) guidelines and to seek certification for the program.  Level one CRLA certification was applied for and approved.  Level one CRLA tutor training began during the Spring 2002 semester in January.  Level two was applied for a few years’ latter and was granted.  Level two training began in 2004.  Ohlone’s tutor training program for levels one and two have been recertified since then and the college’s last recertification was awarded on November 30, 2011.  In May 2015, a new administrator was hired for the newly created Director of Tutoring position.  The Director of Tutoring now oversees the CRLA tutor training program, the Embedded Tutor Program, and the various tutoring center / labs on two campuses within the district the college serves.  Levels one and two recertification were applied for during the Summer 2016 semester.  By the end of the Fall 2016 semester level three, the final and highest level of certification will be applied for.

Since the Fall 2005 semester CRLA training has been conducted through tutor enrollment in EDU 191A (level 1 CRLA Tutor Training) and EDU 191B (level 2 CRLA Tutor Training) for course credit. In addition to the credit based training the college will begin offering free, non-credit training workshops for each of the two levels beginning in the Fall 2016 semester.  CRLA training in the Fall semester will be non-credit and during the Spring semester for credit.  Thus, tutors will have the choice of earning each level of certification through non-credit or course credit forms.

A second campus was opened in the Spring of 2008 in Newark and since that time CRLA classes have also been offered there as well as on the main campus of Fremont.  Over the past few years’ levels one and two trainings have been offered at the Fremont campus and spring trainings at Newark.  This allows more flexibility to tutors who live near the Newark campus to attend training and vice versa.