Whitfield, Laura: Chemistry Faculty Member

Laura Whitfield (Bushman) was hired at the second full-time chemistry faculty member in 1970.  As one of the Pioneer Faculty, she was very involved in the development of the science program at the temporary Serra Campus off Washington Boulevard in Fremont.  She was also involved in the planning and move to the permanent Fremont Campus on Mission Boulevard.  Laura retired in 1998, after 28 years of dedicated and loyal service.

Laura led the way at Ohlone in the teaching of Organic Chemistry.  She also taught the General Chemistry course.  She was devoted to improving and learning as a teacher.  She belonged to the Bay Area chemistry teachers group and faithfully attending various conferences during the year, as well as the week-long conference at Asilomar during the summer.

Laura has a great personality, with a beaming smile.  She was strongly committed to the community college mission and passionately dedicated to student success.