Galvan-Benbow, Debbie: Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Instruction

Debbie Galvan-Benbow was hired on May 1, 1976 and left Ohlone for a family move to Oakdale on March 21, 2002, after 25 years of dedicated and accomplished service.  When she finished up at Ohlone she was serving as the Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Instruction.

With her high energy and good humor, along with outstanding administrative knowledge and skills, Debbie was a consistent point of contact and direction for faculty and staff in the instructional areas.  Her encyclopedic knowledge of college policies and procedures were vital to the smooth operations of the Office of Instruction.

Debbie knew the course scheduling process inside and out and her leadership in the planning and development of the schedules was invaluable.  In addition, she had solid expertise regarding curriculum development processes and provided critical support to faculty and Division Directors on curriculum matters.

Debbie was highly respected by the college community and was involved in many college-wide planning efforts, including accreditation self-studies, budget planning, and college governance.

Debbie had a long association with Ohlone before becoming an employee.  As a teenager living in Fremont, she would ride her horse on the trails where the college would be built.  She graduated from Irvington High School and went on to study office administration at Ohlone.  While a student at Ohlone she won top honors in the Bay Area section of the California Business Education Association’s annual contest for outstanding scholarship and achievement.

Debbie is remembered by her former colleagues as an Ohlone success story as both a student and an employee.  She was clearly dedicated to the mission and goals of the college and played a vital role in meeting both on a consistent basis.

Since leaving Ohlone, Debbie has had a successful career as the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent at Oakdale Joint Unified School District.  She loves her work.  It was meaningful for her to have both her daughters graduate from the high school of the school district for which she worked.  Her oldest daughter graduated from Chico State with a B.A. in Journalism / Public Relations and a B.S. in Recreation / Special Event Planning, and now lives and works in Austin, Texas.  Her youngest graduated from Fresno State, did her student teacher here, and has in her 4th year teaching 5th grade teacher in the Oakdale district.