Johnson, Kathleen: Senior Human Resources Analyst

Kathleen Johnson was hired in July 1995 and retired in January 2016, after 21 and a half years of dedicated and accomplished service.  Upon retirement, she was granted Emeritus status.

Kathleen worked closely and effectively with faculty, staff, academic Division Deans and Executive Assistants to facilitate the annual hiring of full-time faculty and semester hiring of adjunct faculty, and served as an important point of contact in Human Resources for all faculty.  She provided important service to the college community by serving on many District committees, four District Accreditation Teams, and leading and facilitating many hiring committees.

Kathleen volunteered at all SOAR/Recognition events, most Foundation events, and led many other District sponsored faculty events and job fairs.  She also enjoyed taking many work-related and other personal development courses at Ohlone College.

Kathleen always was, and always will be, a loyal and ardent cheerleader for the Ohlone Community College District.