Kahl, Frank: Economics and Business Administration Faculty Member

Frank Kahl was hired in August 1970 and retired in June 2003 after 33 years of dedicated service.  He was one of the Pioneer Faculty at the temporary Serra Campus off Washington Boulevard in Fremont.  He was also involved in planning and the move to the permanent Fremont Campus on Mission Boulevard in 1974.

Frank built the Economics Program and curriculum, as head of the Economics Department.  He authored a College Economics textbook and an Anthology of Readings in General Economics.  He also completed a sabbatical study of European economies by visiting about 10 countries, which added greatly to the breadth of the Economics program at Ohlone.

Outside his department and the classroom, Frank was very active member of the college community.  He served as faculty advisor to numerous student clubs including the Veteran’s Club and the Student Environmental Alliance.  He co-founded the Ohlone Federation of Teachers Local 3200, the predecessor to the current United Faculty of Ohlone.  Over the years, Frank also organized and directed numerous social and political events on campus.