Thornley, Loraine: Business Office Administration Faculty Member

Loraine Thornley was hired in September 1969 and retired in September 1991, after 22 years of dedicated service.  She was one of the Pioneer Faculty at the temporary Serra Campus off Washington Boulevard in Fremont.   She was also involved in the planning and the move to the permanent Fremont Campus on Mission Boulevard in 1974.  Upon retirement, Loraine was granted Emeritus status.

Loraine played a significant role in designing and running the Business Office Administration instructional program.  Her name became synonymous with typing at the college, and she was recognized as one of the first instructors in the community colleges to develop and open, self-paced typing lab program.  She also played a major role in establishing a self-paced shorthand program.

Loraine was an outstanding teaching with tremendous versatility.  She taught courses in Typewriting, Shorthand, Records Management, Business Communication, Human Relations in Business, Word Processing, and Applied Accounting.

Loraine maintained excellent community and professional relationships with members of the Business Office Administration Advisory Committee and the Business Departments of the local high schools.