White, George: Business Supervision and Management Faculty Member (In Memoriam)

George White completed 30 years of service as an Adjunct Instructor of Business Supervision and Management shortly before his death on January 7, 2006, age 76.

George was an instructor and corporate trainer whose teaching exemplified collaborative learning through well-planned and highly organized short group work activities and student presentations.  He paved the way to offer online courses in his field at Ohlone College and introduced computer applications used in management into his courses.

George updated the Business Supervision Management curriculum to include a certificate, established the transferability of BSM classes, and created a brochure, for which he volunteered his time.  He contributed to leadership education through his instruction not only at Ohlone but also at Mission, Evergreen, Foothill, and San Jose City colleges, including Contract Education training for local businesses and working managers and supervisors.

George was a kindly mentor, role model, enthusiastic colleague, and active contributor to the community as a volunteer.  His teaching excellence was a profound influence on the leadership development and personal growth of many individuals over many years.