Castaneda, Marian: Director of Purchasing, Contracts Administration and Auxiliary Service

Marian Castaneda was hired as Assistant Bookstore Manager in 1979 and went on to become the Bookstore Director in 1996, and then Director of Purchasing, Contracts Administration and Auxiliary Service.  She provided exemplary service in these positions for a total of 28 years, until her retirement in 2007.

Marian demonstrated outstanding dedication to the college and its mission.  She was committed to continuing improvements in the very important services provided by the Bookstore and the Purchasing Department.  As Bookstore Manager, she ran a profitable operation that consistently met the needs of students and faculty in a commendable manner.  When Marian moved into the position of Purchasing Director, she led the way to making significant improvements to the purchasing process including implementing online purchase records through Web Advisor, online receiving, yearly reconciliation and closing of outstanding purchase orders, just to name a few.  She developed templates for the bidding process and standardized many of the forms necessary to stay in compliance with laws as they changed.

Marian worked tirelessly during the frequent and the technically challenging bidding environment related to many Fremont campus major projects such as the Instructional Computing Center and the Site Safety Project.  She also was involved in the multitude of bids required in building the Newark Center Project.  In fact, she signed every contract involved in the construction of the Newark Center.

Marian was invaluable when there were differences between contractors and district staff related to what was properly included in bids and what were change orders.  The accuracy of her records and her skill at answering and researching questions saved the District thousands of dollars.   She also instituted a purchasing conservation program that significantly reduced the College’s carbon foot print.

Marian was highly regarded by the entire college community for her strong commitment to excellent service, her innovation and creativity, and her professionalism and ability to work positively with others.