Rose, Marlene: Duplicating Services Supervisor

Marlene Rose served Ohlone for 34 years, from 1975 until her retirement in 2009.  She oversaw and coordinated very important duplicating operations, as well as the management of the mail room.

Born and raised in Fremont, Marlene came to Ohlone as a student right after graduating from Irvington High School.  She was a student worker and then hired full-time in 1975 by the Print Center as the Offset Press Operator.  Later the Mailroom and Duplicating were merged and Marlene became supervisor of the department.

Marlene was dedicated, thoughtful and focused on customer service.  She cared deeply about her work and consistently provided excellent service.  Marlene met the needs of a wide variety people from adjunct instructors, full-time faculty, and administrators from a variety of departments; as well as the President’s Office and Board of Trustees.

Printing and duplication technology changed significantly during Marlene’s tenure at the college and she whole-heartedly embraced these changes, which required significant training and development on her part.  The college also grew tremendously over her 34 years; thus, the demands for duplicating and mail room services increased.  She established protocols that helped with the privacy and security of exams, and especially taking care of the night faculty.  Marlene worked hard to meet these increased demands and did so very effectively.

Marlene was highly regarded for her dedication and her enthusiastic and friendly approach.  She had a “can do” attitude and treated everyone as though their request was her most important.  She is remembered as being a very kind and patient person, with a pleasant way about her.