Steffen, Sue: Executive Assistant of Counseling Division

Sue Steffen was hired in 1990 working in the Transfer Center.  In 2001, she began providing support for various program areas at the Newark Ohlone Center, including Contract Education and Workforce Development, as well as Ohlone for Kids.  In 2003, Sue settled in as Executive Assistant for the Counseling Division, providing vital support for 10 years.  Sue retired in 2013, after 23 years of dedicated, loyal and accomplished service.

Sue is remembered by her colleagues as a loyal, committed, hard-working, organized, professional, and a team player.  She was highly respected by all members of the Counseling Division during her tenure.  She understood the Ohlone systems inside out: contracts, budgets, purchasing, and human resources issues.  She worked cooperatively with departments across the college, including all student services and academic areas, as well as business services and facilities.

Sue regularly showered the Counseling Division with baked goods, most notably her annual Christmas cookies with a wide variety of delicious flavors, served on overflowing platters.  Sue helped with many college events, most notably the outstanding annual Transfer Center Open House, which was always held in October around Halloween.  She created very special decorations and hands-on trivia games for students to participate at the event.

Sue had a “can-do” attitude.  She was always positive and optimistic in her approach.  She was highly regarded for her professional expertise and her willingness to help others to succeed.  Sue truly exemplified the Ohlone spirit.