Travenick, Dr. Ron: Vice President of Student Services

Dr. Ron Travenick was hired full-time in September 1999 and retired in October 2016 after 17 years of dedicated service.  During his tenure at Ohlone, his responsibilities and scope of work increased steadily from Director of Admissions and Records to Dean of Enrollment Management (2001), then to Executive Dean of Enrollment Services (2003), and then to Associate Vice President for Student Services (2005), and finally to Vice President of Student Services in 2007.  While at Ohlone, Ron earned his Doctor of Education Degree, a significant accomplishment given the demanding nature of his position at Ohlone.

Ron was an enthusiastic, optimistic and passionate advocate for the community college mission.  Within the college environment, he saw the big picture and how the different variables at play in often-complex situations related to one another.  At the same time, he understood the details that are so vital to making operations work.  He could contemplate and understand theory and make the critical link to practice.

Ron was firmly dedicated to the integration between student services and academic affairs.  He maintained positive relationships with academic deans and faculty.  He worked with all involved to create a more robust, organized and user-friendly system for enrollment planning.

Ron provided outstanding direction in the implementation of a comprehensive relational database information management system, which required his leadership across all College departments.  He could take complex data and processes, and translate and articulate them in ways that people unfamiliar with the issues can understand them and work with them.

Ron was a key player in the planning and implementation of the Student Services Building, as well as the implementation of student services at the Newark Center, both facilities built using Measure A bond funding.

Ron was known as an expert in the field of student services and enrollment management.  He was active in the California Community College Chief Student Services Officers Association and served in a number of leadership roles, including a term as President.