Waits, Dr. Lisa: Vice President of Student Services

Dr. Lisa Waits was hired in September 1990 as Director of Student Activities.  She became Dean of Enrollment Management in January 1998, and was appointed Vice President of Student Services in January 2001.  While at Ohlone, Lisa completed her Doctor of Education at the University of San Francisco, a significant achievement for someone working full-time in a demanding college position.  She moved on to other opportunities in June 2005, after 15 years of dedicated service and leadership.

Lisa was highly regarded for her commitment to the community college mission and her passion for serving students and supporting their success.  She had the front-line experience needed to make practical and pragmatic decisions.  At the same time, she has a visionary side, seeing the bigger picture from both strategic and systems perspectives.

Lisa led the successful college-wide implementation of new comprehensive relational database system: Datatel Colleague.  This involved analyzing process and directing system programming for an array of critical college processes including curriculum, admissions, registration, academic records, financial aid, student accounts, special population data, and related data and personnel systems.  Those who have been through this type of implementation can surely appreciate the leadership need to make it happen.

Lisa provided key leadership in the planning of the new Student Services Building Center and the Newark Campus.  These planning efforts involved considerable rethinking of all student services and designing more effective and efficient delivery systems.  Both facilities are now realities and successfully serving students.

Lisa was committed to integration between Student Services and Academic Affairs.  She facilitated communication between Deans, Directors and Faculty from across the college.  She also led foundational work in developing Student Learning Outcomes for all programs and services related to student success.

Lisa was a leader in the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators and the California Community College Chief Student Services Administrators Association; and she was active in the Association of California Community College Administrators, the California Community College Student Affairs Association and the National Association of Women in Education.

After leaving Ohlone, Lisa continued to demonstrate her leadership and administrative skills at both Mendocino College and Solano College.  At Solano, she was chosen to lead the college as President / Superintendent during a very challenging and critical time.  She is currently the head of Student Services at Touro University.