Scholz, Kate Ann

Kate Ann Scholz became a Trustee on the District Board in December, 1981 and retired in June, 2002, after 20 years of dedicated service.  Upon retirement, she was granted Emeritus status.

Twice during her tenure on the Board, Kate Ann served as Board President.  She also served one term as President of the Alameda County School Board Association.

Kate Ann generously contributed her time to serving the communities of Fremont and Newark and consistently promoted the values of Ohlone College.  One important legacy of her career as a professional educator, was writing and establishing Child Care in the Newark Unified School District and helping to obtain initial funding from the state.  Kate Ann was both a teacher and school administrator, and she brought her considerable knowledge and experience of the teaching and learning process to her work as a Trustee.

Kate Ann served on the Board’s Budget Committee and exercised fiscal responsibility in assuring that the college maintained adequate reserves.  She represented the Trustees on the Ohlone College Foundation Board of Directors.  Kate Ann served on the Alameda County School Board Association for many years and was also the Board’s representative to the American Association of Community Colleges.

Kate Ann supported student, classified staff, and faculty programs and services throughout her tenure on the Board.   Professionalism, mutual respect, clear articulation of issues, and sound judgment were the hallmarks of her relationship of the Board of Trustees, and she steadfastly supported the intent of Board’s role in policy matters.