Timeline: 1966-1967 District Formation – Initial College Planning

January 3, 1966

First Board of Trustees meeting was conducted at Kennedy High School in Fremont

The first official meeting of the newly elected Board of Trustees was conducted on January 3, 1966, in the Library of John F. Kennedy High School in Fremont. The Trustees..Read more

February 23, 1966

Temporary offices rented at 5920 Thornton Avenue in Newark

At the sixth Board of Trustees meeting held on February 23, 1966, the rental of a suite of rooms in the Lewis Professional Center at 5920 Thornton Avenue in Newark,..Read more

June 21, 1966

Dr. Stephen E. Epler is hired as 1st President / Superintendent

On June 21, 1966 the Board hired Dr. Stephen E. Epler as the first Superintendent / President.   The 57-year-old Epler was a former naval officer and had 33 years..Read more

November 8, 1966

$10 million Measure J construction bond failed

$10 million Measure J construction bond failed.  It received 59% Yes vote, over 7 points lower than the required 66.6%.  There was Proposition 4 that would have lowered the threshold..Read more

June 20, 1967

“Saints” is approved as name for athletic teams

Even before the college was named, a name for the athletic teams was needed to allow for uniforms to be ordered and cheers and songs could be written.  A group..Read more

June 28, 1967

“Ohlone” approved as the college name

As most junior college districts, the District sought to find a unique name for its college.  Suggestions were solicited from the community leading to a list of 52 possible names...Read more

July 19, 1967

Serra Center opens as temporary campus site

In the summer of 1967, Junipero Serra, St. Mary of the Palms School for Girls at 650 Washington Boulevard in Fremont, was finalized as the temporary site for the college..Read more

July 31, 1967

Administrative offices move from Thornton Avenue in Newark to the Serra Campus

Once the Serra Center had been leased, the administrative offices moved on site.  The offices had been located in temporary quarters on Thornton Avenue in Newark.