Timeline: 1967-1974 Classes Begin, Serra Campus Era

September 25, 1967

Classes begin at the Serra Center, augmented at Kennedy High School and Fremont Boys Club

After 18 months of planning, Ohlone College opened for classes on September 25, 1967 at the Serra Campus.  The college elected to operate on the quarter system.  The first year..Read more

November 2, 1967

First issue of the student newspaper “Saints Herald” published – later to become the Monitor

An enthusiastic group of students, many who had been involved in their high school newspapers, published the first issue of the Saints Herald on November 2, 1967.  Their advisor was..Read more

May 1, 1968

Huddleson Ranch on Mission Boulevard finalized as permanent campus location

After a 2 ½ year process of intense deliberations, involving the consideration of at least 25 different locations, the Huddleson Ranch site, owned by Ed and Irene Ed Huddleson was..Read more

June 4, 1968

Measure F construction bond approved

The second attempt to fund the construction of a permanent campus was passed on June 4, 1968.  The $11.1 million Measure F received a 70% approval by the voters.  Having..Read more

June 19, 1968

First Commencement Exercise – 16 Graduates

On June 19 1968, after the conclusion of the first academic year, the first commencement exercise was held in the Palm Circle Garden on the Serra Campus.  Sixteen students were..Read more

July 12, 1968

“Renegades” replaces “Saints” as the nickname for the college athletic teams

After the first year of classes, the students wished to change the name of the athletic teams from the Saints to the Renegades.  College President/Superintendent Dr. Stephen Epler consulted with..Read more

July 12, 1968

Attempt to rename the college “Kennedy” fails

On June 5, 1968, the day after the Measure F bond had passed, Senator Robert F. Kennedy died by assassination in Los Angeles.  One of the Trustees proposed the college..Read more

September 1, 1968

Huddleson Ranch is purchased for $1.9 million

On September 28, 1968, after their ranch property had been shown to be safe for campus construction, Ed and Irene Huddleson agreed to a $1.9 million purchase price by the..Read more

November 1, 1970

District name becomes Fremont-Newark Community College District

In 1967 the state administration of junior colleges was moved from the State Department of Education to a separate agency called the California Community College Chancellor’s Office.  By 1970, all..Read more

January 7, 1972

Groundbreaking for construction of the Mission Boulevard Campus, upper campus buildings

Three and a half years after the bond measure passed to build a permanent campus on Mission Boulevard at the former Huddleson Ranch site, construction on Phase 1 got underway..Read more

September 1, 1972

The Ohlone Deaf Center established

In 1972, the College reached out and welcomed Deaf persons to participate in college activities as students and members of the college faculty.  This decision made Ohlone College a pioneer..Read more

July 25, 1973

Groundbreaking for lower campus facilities: gym, pool, athletics fields, corporation yard

With construction underway in July of 1973 on the upper campus a ground breaking was held to celebrate the beginning of construction of the lower campus facilities including the gymnasium,..Read more