Timeline: Pre-1966 Years Leading To District Formation

November 1, 1955

Cities of Newark (1955), Fremont (1956) and Union City (1959) incorporated

The East Bay experienced significant changes during World War II.  The substantial post-war economic and population growth in the rural system of communities of Washington Township led to the incorporation..Read more

January 1, 1961

South County Junior College District / Chabot College approved, begins in temporary quarters

In January 1961, voters in Hayward and San Leandro approved the formation of the South County Junior College District (SCJCD), which eventually included Pleasanton, Dublin and Livermore.  Dr. Reed Buffington..Read more

January 1, 1964

Fremont Unified School District and Newark Unified School District are approved

Prior to the incorporation of Fremont and Newark, Washington Township was made up of a system of fairly independent school districts aligned with the various towns within the Township.  As..Read more

December 7, 1965

Fremont Newark Junior College District approved and seven-member Board of Trustees elected

Fremont and Newark voters approved the creation of the Fremont Newark Junior College District and elected a seven-member Board of Trustees to guide its fortunes.  Three educators (Dr. Lyle Edmison,..Read more